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Friday, September 22, 2006

Psfk post us

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Argentine PSFK contributor Hernando Gómez Salinas has launched a site called the - a look at the odd, strange and down-right intriguing. We don't know if Hernando chose to launch this site after suffering our edit-amends to his Spanglish for too long - but he seems to know be concentrating on finding 'no-trends'.

Good luck, the fella!

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Core 77 post us

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Non-trend start-up blog site The Uncoolhunter posts "off culture" updates (i.e. fur nipple warmers shown above), spoofingly laid out almost exactly like popular super-trend site Coolhunting.

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Coolhunting post us

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I hope none of you think we take ourselves too seriously. We love what we do and we have fun doing it. In the last three and a half years since I started CH lots of other sites have come on the scene covering similar topics—some even with similar names. The more, the merrier. Two newcomers bring humor to the game and, possibly without realizing it, offer inspiration. The Uncoolhunter finds all sorts of great and original dorky stuff whereas Don't Believe the Hypebeast is to streetwear what The Onion is to real news.

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