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Friday, December 01, 2006 post us

Lostateminor says about us;

Nat Liechti interviews Hernando Salinas from the Buenos Aires-based team behind the so-daggy-it’s-trendy website, The UnCool Hunter. Where did the concept come from? ‘The Uncoolhunter was born as a new method of investigation of those unexplored things that are left aside the elite or emergent circuit. Salvador Dalí defined fashion as, ‘what is not fashionable’. Following this, the Uncoolhunting team observes the things that do not appear in tourism brochures, rummaging through the retro, the trash, the bizarre and the bad taste’. How does it all come together? ‘The Uncoolhunter team is myself, Javier Lourenço, Diego Beyró and Diego Bazzino. There are also two people in charge of the maintenance of the website and there is an editor who translates the content into English. In addition to this, there are external contributors, mainly in Argentina and in cities throughout Latin America, but there are sporadic contributors from countries such as Ukraine, the Czech Republic and America. The Uncoolhunter team works for twenty-five hours a day, 365 days of the year. On the weekends the members of the team meet to do field research around trashy places of Buenos Aires. We also have a ferret that works with us, but soon we will sign the most photographed squirrel in the world that works from sunrise to sunset. Check out Sugar Bush Squirrel‘. Why is the uncool so much cooler than the cool? ‘Because the uncool is a never-ending source. It is always unpredictable. Because it is not conventional and it does not follow rules, it is fresher than the cool. That is why the surprise effect is bigger. It is more relaxed because it doesn’t pretend to be anything’.

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